Nathaniel James Chapman

About me

My name is Nathaniel Chapman, and I can build just about anything. From robotic arms and custom vintage motorcycles, to homemade model rocket engines and embedded household gadgets, I have been building things for most of my life.

I am currently a first-year graduate student in the Masters of Robotic Systems Development program at Carnegie Mellon University. Among my student projects, I have lead the power system team in developing a prototype rover for the Google Lunar X Prize, I am also working with a smaller development team to prototype a hull-crawler robot for spacecraft external maintenance operations, as well as developing a sample business plan for a ‘smart-fridge’ kitchen inventory automation system.

In the past, I’ve worked as a blacksmith, an IT admin, a web developer, QA tester, and a teacher for summer camp and overnight science programs. I also rebuild old motorcycles, create all manner of gadgets and doodads for around the house, write poetry, teach swing dancing, brew beer, and even sculpt when the mood strikes.

I am currently looking for a six-month internship position (May-Dec 2014) in the space or robotics industries to work with embedded systems and controls, hands-on prototyping and systems integration, where my experiences in both hardware and software can be brought together to solve complex problems. If you are looking for a great intern and think I’d be a good fit with your company, please feel free to check out my design portfolio or resume, and don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


Past Employers